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Looking to invest your money into Guaranteed Investment Certificates and other opportunities? GIC Direct – Portfolio Strategies is your reliable source, equipped with the tools and reputation to offer competitive returns – something we’ve been doing since 1996. We specialize in GICs but offer other investment options as well.

How Can GICs Help You?
In a nutshell, GICs are investments where your principal deposit is guaranteed, with either a fixed or variable interest rate paid out for the term of your deposit. Considered amongst the lowest-risk investments, GICs can be deposited anywhere from 30 days all the way to 10 years. As an experienced deposit broker, I make it my mission to get you the best possible interest rate so to help you reach your financial goals.

A Little Financial Planning Goes a Long Way
A secure financial future is dependent on proper planning and smart money practices, two fundamentals not easily committed to. The fact that there are so many investment options doesn’t help either. GICDirect – Portfolio Strategies is here to help you find the best financial roadmap for you or your business with great rates and comprehensive service tailored to your investment needs.

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"The rates we can access are higher because it's less expensive for the institution to issue those GICs through a broker than it is through the retail side of the operation," - Bill Ritchie, CEO of Vancouver-based


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